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Illumina – Sacred Chanting Mantra-Magic


Illumina facilitate a space that allows a Still, Silent field of Pure Presence to emerge in the group space, helping everyone to experience their True Selves in this Divine Stillness.

There will be group singing, dancing, chanting, laughing, silence, stillness and great relaxing & letting go!

The feel good factor is a major part of the Illumina live experience. Their music mainly honours the Hindu, Sufi (Islamic) and Sikh traditions however American Indian, Tibetan, Latin American & Taoist chants are also part of their repertoire.

Anaam and Lila are our favourites, so wonderful they are coming back to the the New Forest – and at our new spacious forest-placed venue. The Retreat New Forest on Lyndhurst Road, Hinton.

Imagine a hall of friends, gathering snug inside the vaulted ceilinged square space.

Enter their realm of magical harmonies, mantra-love delicacies, these delicious beauties are ready to teach us new mantras, visit old favourites and create a cacophony of sound healing for one and all!

Come with your open heart, warmed up voice, water, reusable cup, mat and cushion.

For more details and to book your place please use the link below