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Ecstatic Dance and Sound Bath - Pixi Pete & Kwali Kumara


Join us for the celebratory lift-off of our Chi Time – Conscious Living Autumn!!

Due to the number of you asking for this, after a sweetly stunning evening in June, superstar DJ Pixi Pete and Kwali Kumara have agreed to return for another evening of Ecstatic Dance! If all goes well, they are up for this becoming a regular occurrence.

Opening up at 7pm with some key qigong body-care moves with Clara, we prep for our dancing and help us land and unite in the space.

Pixi-Pete’s LIVE ecstatic dance will involve a musical journey with live percussion through multiple genres and tempos that are sure to have you bouncing, playing, swirling and swaying in your unique expression on the dance floor. Alongside other like-souled sisters and brothers.

You will be held if you need, should any emotions come through to be processed.

Sound Bathing

Around 9.30, this powerful session will complete with a super chilled out sound bath by the one and only Kwali Kumara. Using subtle shakers, singing bowls and gorgeous gongs, you’ll be held in your liminal space of healing bliss to sweetly complete your journey of sound expression. A wonder-full way to intergrate and rest after your body and soul has been thus moved.

All at the exquisite location of The Retreat – New Forest.

Doors open at 6.30, please arrive by 7.00 at the latest for the qigong prep-up. Pixi Pete is on the decks/macbook at 7.30pm

So, join us at this special event to dance your socks off and melt into the sounds and love of this fantastic duo and lets celebrate life altogether on the dance floor.

For more details and to book your place please use the link below