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Mindfulness Retreat Day: 'Gather and Ground'


Welcome to this day of stillness, a chance to let go of your responsibilities and just BE you.

A chance to shift gear from the constant doing and striving and to ground in the present and connect with your inner self at the beautiful house and grounds of 'The Retreat'.

This full day of Mindfulness practice will include

  • A grounding/ settling meditation

  • A very gentle mindful movement practice to step into our bodies and drop down from the frantic mind (practising embodiment)

  • Followed by a 45 minute deep, nidra relaxation where you lie down and I will guide you through a practice scanning through each part of the body in turn and letting go of the stresses and strains being held in the body.

  • Mindful eating. I invite you to bring your favorite food (packed lunch) to eat mindfully outside on the grass or in the house.

  • Mindful walking with guidance indoors and freer mindful walking outdoors connecting to nature.
    A closing sitting practice, noticing your senses, sounds, thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations.

  • Closing discussion and tips to bring mindfulness into daily life

The day will be held in an essence of stillness with a quiet space available if you wish to use it but opportunities to connect with others if that's what you wish for from your day

This day is suitable for all. As an introduction to the main mindfulness practices if you are new to mindfulness, or an opportunity to deepen your practice if you already have some experience :)

I can't wait to share this nourishing, grounding day with you at this wonderful new venue.

Spaces are limited to 10 so please contact me if you want me to save you a space. The price is 45 pounds for the full day of guidance, including healthy homemade treat and yummy retreat -blend, herbal teas. I hope to see some familiar and new faces there.

Price £45

For more details and to book your place contact:


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